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Digital Transformation

PSD2 E-Commerce SCA

The problem

New European legislation requires all payment service providers to use multi-factor authentication for online transactions unless the transaction meets certain exemption criteria. The Client currently adopts a single level of authentication and therefore would be non-compliant once the legislation is enforced.

What we did

When Sandpiper first took over management of the project, it was reporting red, with an undefined scope, no delivery plan, gaps with the project resource and a solution which would only deliver partial compliance. In the initial project steering meetings, the scope was formally agreed, a delivery plan baselined for the existing solution and all gaps in the resource filled. In addition, there was a review of the project governance, and steps taken to provide greater control and discipline going forward. In parallel to delivering the existing solution, an alternative solution was explored which provided full compliance, and a Proof Of Concept (POC) was underward with a new 3rd party.

The result

The client has a clearly defined scope and plan with robust project governance in place. A successful POC will prove that the alternative solution providing full compliance is achievable.