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Unlocking the Potential of Process Optimisation with Sandpiper Consulting’s 3D Service

In the realm of business transformation, the emphasis often gravitates towards the latest technologies and cutting-edge solutions.

Yet, the cornerstone of true transformation lies in the meticulous refinement of core processes and the revelation of game-changing insights.

At Sandpiper Consulting, we understand that optimization is the bedrock upon which sustainable innovation is built.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce our bespoke 3D service: Discover, Design, and Deliver – a structured approach to process optimisation that prepares your business for the transformative journey ahead.

Discover: Our journey begins with a deep dive into your current processes, identifying inefficiencies and areas ripe for enhancement. This phase is about understanding the ‘as-is’ to meticulously plan for the ‘to-be.’

Design: Armed with insights, we move to the design phase, where processes are reimagined, not just for efficiency but for resilience and adaptability.

This stage ensures that optimisation aligns with your strategic objectives, setting the foundation for automation and digital transformation.

Deliver: The final phase is where strategy meets execution. Implementing the redesigned processes, we ensure that your transformation initiatives are grounded in practical, optimised and sustainable systems of work, delivering tangible benefits and a robust return on investment.


Optimising processes prior to automation is not just a step in the transformation journey; it’s a leap towards eliminating redundancies and magnifying the impact of your investments. Moreover, Sandpiper’s ethos extends beyond consultancy to empowerment. We’re committed to upskilling your teams, fostering a culture of continuous improvement that thrives on innovation long after our engagement concludes.

At the helm of this initiative is Andrew McIlroy, Sandpiper’s co-founder, Systems Thinker, and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Andrew’s extensive experience in process improvement and systemic change is the driving force behind our 3D service, ensuring that each phase is executed with precision, insight, and unwavering focus on delivering value.

Embrace the transformative power of process optimisation.

Reach out to Sandpiper Consulting and discover how our 3D service can set the stage for your organisation’s success, ensuring that you’re not just adapting to change, but thriving on it.